5 Ways a One-Time, Purge Shred Service Will Improve Your Data Security

There are numerous businesses today that have a shredding service with the goal that documents and personal information that is not needed anymore are securely and professionally shredded on a consistent basis.

However, some working environments choose to have a periodic one-time clean-out.

An organization may have less recurrent need for shredding, or it might be having a physical move or an office clean-up because paper excess has gotten out of control.

For a scheduled one-time, purge service, a Qualified Shredding Representative will go to the business to clear out all the documents. Utilizing the highest quality equipment, the paper will be securely destroyed.

While cleaning up the work environment will improve the workplace for employees and guests, it will likewise significantly affect document security.

Here's how a one-time, purge service can make a huge difference.

1.Decrease human error: Planning for a one-time purge means the work environment will be cleared of excess and cluttered materials, for example, loose and boxed paper records. Research has proven that untidiness is distracting and disposing of it will enable workers to carry out their jobs more productively and will make fewer errors. The 2017 Data Security Incident Response Report by Baker Hostetler proved that employee activity/failures represented 32% of data breach cases.
2. Improved security against identity theft: Boxes of old documents sitting in corridors and private information heaped on work desks would all be viewed as valuable information to insider fraudsters and other data thieves. Setting up physical safeguards will help however so will cleaning up the work environment and having a one-time, purge service.
3. Compliant with privacy laws: Essentially tossing out records – or simply holding onto them – could put an organization in violation of privacy laws and legislation that oversee how classified documents are collected, stored, and discarded. Secure shredding of confidential documents is the law. All working environments should check with regulations at local, regional, and federal levels to make sure they comply.
4. Evidence of destruction: After a one-time, purge service has been given; professional service provider will issue a Certificate of Destruction. It affirms that the paper has been shredded and that the organization is compliant with the laws for data destruction.
5. Secure document management: Records that contain personally identifiable information (PII) ought to never be stored in places that are easy to access in office areas. Once the cleaning up of paper sorting has begun, an organization may choose to embrace a more official document procedure. The procedure can help by guiding everyday workflows, storage requirements for PII, and data retention schedules. A one-time, purge service may also make it clear to the company that on-going secure shredding will be useful in the future.

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