Old Tax Forms Found in Open Dumpster

Multiple old tax returns, having personal information, including Social Security numbers, were found inside a Fremont dumpster.

The paper government forms were inside the open dumpster for a few days, as indicated by witnesses, and they all contained personal information for anybody to effortlessly take.

The dumpster is situated in a parking garage off Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont, where a close-by affirmed CPA practices,

"It's disturbing," said Robert Petesch, a Newark occupant whose documents were inside the dumpster. "I thought it would have been destroyed. Our names, our Social Security number, my employer, money related information. This is a major breach of my personal security."

The tax forms were prepared by Ed Robinson, a nearby CPA. When he was questioned about the matter, Robinson said he didn't know they should have been shredded.

"I thought they would take it and burn it," he said. "I shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry."

A couple of hours after the fact, Robinson, who is resigning, put a bolt on the dumpster. In the meantime, one of his customers was so worried about the reports that he brought matters into his own hands, he contacted an organization to have them pick up the records and shred them.

Petesch was alleviated to have his old tax forms in his hands. "I will shred this," he said.

Robinson told his customer he will pay for the shredding.

The California Society of CPAs asks all duty preparers to shred any tax forms they are not keeping.

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Shoppers Beware of the Amazon.com scam this Christmas Season

Are you doing your Christmas shopping online this year? And are you doing it through the ever-popular website Amazon.com? Then you need to be aware of this scam going on this holiday season.

There will be an email sent to the customer from the scammer that appears to be from Amazon.com, it will say that an order made previously cannot be shipped. The email states that there was an issue with the order and tells them that they cannot access their account or order anything else with Amazon until they verify their personal information.

Inside of the email is a "click here" link that takes the customer to an authentic-looking Amazon web page to verify their name, address and credit card information for their account. Once the information has been entered and the customer hits the "save and continue" button, they will be rerouted to the actual Amazon website.

Which then leads to the question... how do you know if an Amazon email is real or fake?

In the subject line of the scam email, it will say, "Your Amazon.com order cannot be shipped." The "from" line in the email will show an Internet Service Provider other than @amazon.com, then you will know it is not from Amazon.

You should never click on the link of an email like this from Amazon or any other online retailer.

Officials said that if a customer recently ordered from Amazon and feels concerned about missing an authentic email from Amazon, they should log into Amazon.com and check under "Your Orders" to see if the email’s details match any of the order information. If the information doesn’t match, then the email is a scam.

Taking Facebook Quizzes Could Put You at Risk for Identity Theft

From phishing schemes to a thief pilfering your passport, there are plenty of ways to fall victim to identity theft. And now, participating in Facebook quizzes is one of them. As ABC News reports, the seemingly harmless surveys that populate your feed could wind up providing unscrupulous hackers with the answers to your online security questions.

Popular Facebook quizzes often ask users to answer a series of shareable personal questions, ranging from the name of their pet to their birth city. Some people see them as a fun way to bond with friends or a way to make new ones. But as one local police department in Massachusetts recently noted on Facebook, many of these queries are similar—if not identical—to security questions used by banks and other institutions.

"Please be aware of some of the posts you comment on," the Sutton Police Department in Massachusetts wrote in a cautionary message. "The posts that ask what was your first-grade teacher, who was your childhood best friend, your first car, the place you [were] born, your favorite place, your first pet, where did you go on your first flight … Those are the same questions asked when setting up accounts as security questions. You are giving out the answers to your security questions without realizing it."

Hackers can use these questions to build a profile and hack into your accounts or open lines of credit, the department said. They could also trick you into clicking on malicious links.

Experts say it's OK to take part in a Facebook quiz, but you should never reveal certain personal facts. Take quizzes only from respected websites, and always carefully vet ones that ask for your email address to access the poll or quiz. And while you're at it, consider steering clear of viral memes, like this one from 2017, which asked Facebook users to name memorable concerts (yet another common security question).

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The Purpose of a NAID Certification


NAID, the National Association for Information Destruction is a voluntary program, allowing shredding service providers to become AAA certified and fall into an elite category of document destruction services. With this certification, NAID members will be subject to both scheduled and unannounced audits, to ensure they are using best practices in document destruction including “mobile and/or plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micro media, computer hard drive destruction, and/or computer hard drive sanitization.”

The rigorous process helps companies around the world to set the standard on document destruction and abide by laws and regulations protecting the proper disposal of confidential information

Each NAID member must operate under the strict guidelines offered and pass the audit with flying colors to become certified. Make sure your document destruction and professional shredding service are NAID certified. For more information on the NAID Certification, click here.

Always know, Mobile Record Shredders have a AAA NAID Certification. Your documents are in good hands with us.

10 Reasons Not to Use an In-House Shredder

1) Reconstruction of Shredded Material - discovering papers not thoroughly shredded in trash cans, bins, dumpsters, etc.

2) OSHA and Potential Fire Hazards - "in-house" shredders are potential fire hazards due to dust build-up, "clogging", etc.

3) Certified vs. Uncertified Destruction - proper shredding techniques (chain-of-command, logging activities, etc.)

4) Witnessed Destruction - the destruction of sensitive materials must and should always be witnessed by another party or parties

5) Background Checks - employers typically use hourly personnel to shred "in-house" which most do not require a background check upon employment.

6) Disposal - usually thrown away once shredded with the regular trash.

7) Cost - equipment costs, wages, etc. vs. a shredding company hired to do the shred is much higher in the long run.

8) Disgruntled Employees, Former Employees, Infiltrators - they will do whatever they can to harm a former employer or business.

9) Security - locked containers only accessible with a key; much more secure than trash cans, dumpsters, etc. which are accessible by all.

10) Greatest Defense Against Obstruction of Justice Charges is a Scheduled Shredding Service - Businesses being protective of their sensitive materials helps their liability issues.

To shred or not to shred? That is the question.

Stop Identity Theft through Shredding.

The Supreme Court has stated that the “expectation of privacy in trash left for collection in an area accessible to public… is unreasonable.” This expectation is exactly why identity theft is so prevalent and why thieves feel the need to dig through your trash to find confidential information.

The solution to this problem is to shred. Shredding allows you to properly dispose of documents containing sensitive information without putting your information in harm's way. You can literally shred anything that has a signature, social security number, medical and legal information, account numbers and more.  See a long list of items to shred below:

.                Shipping Labels

·                Bank and ATM receipts and statements

·                Canceled and void checks

·                Credit card statements, bills, carbon copies, receipts

·                Documents containing maiden names

·                Address labels from junk mail and magazines

·                Birth certificate copies

·                Employee pay stubs

·                Employment records

·                Expired passports and visas

·                Driver’s licenses and items containing driver’s license numbers

·                Legal documents

·                Investment, stock and property transactions

·                Pre-approved credit card applications

·                Anything containing your social security number

·                Transcripts

·                Tax forms


Call us today and let us help you stay safe and secure from identity theft.

Stay Compliant With The Law

Legal requirements such as HIPPA, FACTA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley all require companies to properly destroy personal information when it is discarded. At Mobile Record Shredders, we take document destruction seriously and ensure your documents are properly destroyed up to standard with these legal requirements. We are a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and have an AAA+ Certification, which means we follow standards and procedures outlined by NAID to destroy your documents and keep your company at the highest legal regard. We follow standards and procedures outlined by NAID to continue our certification and make sure your document destruction needs are compliant with not only national document destruction laws, but are up to NAID standards.

If you have questions about how we can keep you compliant, let us know. Or visit the NAID certification requirements and find out what makes us so compliant.

Why Hire a Shredding Service?

For businesses, shredding documents has become part of the normal routine. Shredding allows you to keep important documents confidential and abide by strict US Government rules and procedures that mandate documents are properly destroyed and to eliminate the opportunity of identity theft.

As a business grows, it increases the number of confidential documents that need to be disposed of in order to keep your employee and customer information safe. Shredding in-house can take too much time and resources to properly destroy documents. By hiring a shredding service, you are creating a cost-effective solution to the burden of shredding.

Rather than going through the expensive and time-consuming process of owning and maintaining your shredding equipment, a shredding service uses it’s own equipment and eliminates the time and effort taken to shred materials under your supervision. Plus, shredding services are affordable. Whether it’s having us pick up your documents or bringing them to one of our shredding facilities, the cost and time associated with using our services far outweigh that of doing it in-house.

Shredding and the Environment 

Does shredding affect the earth? Of course, it does, and it's an extremely positive one here at Mobile Record Shredders since we recycle all destroyed material.

The Paper Waste Problem 

The U.S. Ecological Protection Agency (EPA) reports that paper items made up more than 27 percent of all city waste in 2010. Luckily, it's anything but difficult to keep paper out of the waste stream and landfill.

Organizations that reuse their disposed of paper items are keeping the earth clean, healthy and maintainable—reused paper doesn't go to a landfill. Rather it goes into making reused paper items which would somehow or another be produced using new crude materials.

When you have your confidential and sensitive paper records and reports shredded by Mobile Record Shredders, not only can you rest assured that all personally identifiable information and confidential client data has been rendered unrecoverable, but also you can know that all of the shredded byproducts has been recycled.

Spare a Tree, or Better yet, an Entire Forest 

By partnering with Mobile Record Shredders you also fulfill an environmental responsibility. We recycle mass amounts of paper each year. As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, every ton of recycled paper fiber saves:

What happens to the Paper Waste Shredded by Mobile Record Shredders?

All of the paper waste our mobile shredding trucks generate is recycled. As indicated by the EPA, the destroyed paper is utilized by factories to make buyer items, for example:

In addition, a mixed grade recycled paper is used as:

Document Destruction: There's No Better Way to Shred 

Ensure your personal records and sensitive archives are safely destroyed and recycled by Mobile Record Shredders.

Mobile Record Shredders has AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Throwing Junk Mail Away - "Not a good idea"

Believe it or not, the crazy amounts of junk mail that you get at home contains a lot of personal information that identity thieves can undoubtedly get their hands on.

With simply your name and address, fraudsters can discover ways to get other secret information, for example, your financial information and social security number that could enable them to exploit your character and take your funds.

Shockingly, the amount of wholesale fraud episodes is expanding every year with a record number of 15.4 million casualties in 2016. Crooks can open up advances, Mastercards, and financial balances under your name which takes your cash as well as ruins your credit score.

This sort of circumstance frequently occurs without the casualty's learning until the point when they attempt to open up a different credit extension, however, at that point, it is past the point of no return.

Shredding documents can dispose of a noteworthy outlet that hoodlums use to increase classified data. Any documents that have individual information ought to be appropriately destroyed and discarded.

Destroying Documents to Prevent Identity Theft 

To abstain from turning into the following casualty, it is critical to appropriately pulverize any reports containing individual data that you never again require.

So before disposing of old paperwork, make sure to shred the following documents as well:


Junk mail 

Tax documents older than 7 years 

Credit and Bank account statements 

Any other documents containing sensitive information, for example, your name, address, telephone number, birth date, social security number, money related data, children's personal information, and so forth. 

Remember to shred any old electronics when discarding them. A programmer could get this data unless the gadget is satisfactorily destroyed.

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Recuperating from fraud can be exorbitant and tedious. Try not to enable a criminal to exploit your character and your security, time, and cash. Regardless of whether you have a small amount or have been amassing heaps of old paperwork for a considerable length of time, Mobile Record Shredders can get you associated with a shredding specialist right in your area.