Confidentially in the workplace and how we can help.

Confidentiality is a constant concern, especially with running a reputable business. In a recent survey, over 300 c-level executives ranked confidentiality and the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing businesses today.  When this same group of executives was questioned about issues that required immediate attention, company record security ranked second only to health screening.

One can never be too careful when destroying sensitive information and confidential documents. Keeping the operational and personal documents secure is vital to employee confidentiality, but it also protects customers and the general public from identity theft, financial fraud, and more.

Hand shredding or destroying documents can be tedious and time consuming. And requesting internal help isn’t always the best idea when securing confidentiality. Hiring a document destruction service is the most cost effective and secure document destruction option. In fact, hiring a document shredding service saves a company hundreds of dollars per year. In addition to saving money, it also eliminates OSHA hazards, as well as taking the time to remove stables, paperclips, and more.

Mobile Record Shredders has  state-of-the-art mobile document destruction vehicles that, when scheduled, will arrive at your location to destroy documents that are placed in strategic locations around your office. Documents are shredded on the spot before sensitive information even leaves the premises. Due to the sensitive nature of documents, this regular service can be set up intervals or on an as needed basis.  We generally pick up on-site document destruction bins every four weeks, but also have an off-site service every four weeks for a discounted rate.

Many looking into our services wonder what type of documents are recommended to be destroyed. Our answer is anything confidential or sensitive, including, but not limited to:

  • Accounting reports
  • Payroll statements
  • Personal information
  • Medical insurance
  • Internal corporate reports
  • Job applications
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Custom lists
  • Supplies and vendor information
  • Letters, memos and notes
  • Customer correspondence
  • Customer credit information
  • Operations instructions program
  • Sales, marketing and public relations strategies
  • Reports and printouts

Basically if it’s sensitive, containing employee information, or any items that you do not want to be seen, we can destroy it. Sensitive information is often generated and view-able in all areas of the workplace, even if unintentional. Therefore putting these types of documents into our secure bins for future removal, protect this information and keep out of the hands of those not meant to see it.

Learn more  about the benefits of Mobile Record Shredders and how we can help your business with document destruction.

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