FedEx Exposes Customers Information In Data Breach

An unsecured FedEx server was compromised, revealing a great many clients' personal information, a prominent security firm found out about this not long ago.

Package forwarding administration Bongo International was procured by FedEx in 2014 and is now an online business called FedEx Cross Borders.

Despite that, an unsecured Amazon S3 server, says the white hate group Kromtech, was holding more than 100,000 documents including international passports, drivers licenses, and security IDs. The white hate group revealed the data breach.

In an announcement, a FedEx representative said the server has since been secured, and the information wasn't "abused." The full statement says:

“After a preliminary investigation, we can confirm that some archived Bongo International account information located on a server hosted by a third-party, public cloud provider is secure. The data was part of a service that was discontinued after our acquisition of Bongo.  We have found no indication that any information has been misappropriated and will continue our investigation.”

Kromtech was able to connect with FedEx through a reporter earlier this week and secure the compromised information. This likely means that whoever’s data was housed on that server is probably protected.

Alex Heid, white hate programmer and top research officer at SecurityScorecard, said in a call it's likely none of the information was utilized, yet it was sitting there for quite a while. "Thankfully this group was working to report that type of stuff" not at all like the Equifax break a year ago where the data was used maliciously.

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