Free Shred Event - Bring Your Electronics Too

As you may be aware Mobile Record Shredders will be having a free shred event this Saturday, April 14th at the Northside Kmart located in Puelo, CO from 12-3 PM. In addition to bringing your paper to be securely shredded on-site, we also will be having Blue Star Recyclers there. Please bring your electronics to be recycled securely. Below is a list of the items you may bring.

Most items on the Recyclable list below are $0.59 per pound except for computers, cell phones, and tablets are free.


General E-Waste: 

Computer Towers, Laptops, Servers, Tablets, iPads, Kindle’s, e-Readers

CRT/LED/LCD Monitors

Smartphones, cell phones, telephones, telephone systems

UPS batteries, battery backup units, routers, switches, hubs, modems

Fax machines, copiers, printers, scanners, plotters

Cables, cords, power supplies, keyboards, mice

Stereo components and speakers, radios, reel to reels

DVR/VCR/DVD/CD players

Xbox/Wii/Play Stations, related gaming equipment

Cable boxes, satellite TV components (dish/receiver)

Cameras, camcorders, film projectors

Recording equipment, A/V equipment, overhead projectors

Calculators, adding machines, typewriters, word processors

TVs:  LCD/LED/CRT, Rear Projection, Plasma

Small household appliances:  Microwaves, fans, lamps, and other small appliances.

NOTE:  Blue Star Recyclers does not accept refrigerators (large or small), large appliances, A/C units, thermostats, smoke detectors, or any items with hazardous chemicals, even if emptied and mitigated prior.

If you don’t see it, call Blue Star Recyclers at 855-302-2583…thank you!  

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