Green Shredding Service

Mobile Record Shredders (MRS) is a green shedding company and has partnered with Blue Star Recyclers to assert that it is an environment friendly company. If your business is able to find a document shredding company which has joined its operations with a recycling company, you are benefited in two ways; you emerge as an environmental friendly organization and your confidentiality is maintained.

It is not solely about environment after all. Apart from that, it is not correct for businesses to simply throw away their documents. A much better way to liberate you from such documents is to get them shredded from a professional shredding company. This will only serve in favor of your business itself. Throwing away documents just like that can make them fall prey to wrong hands and its outcomes can be disastrous.

Proceeding further, document shredding has become a prerequisite for all businesses containing private records such as those related to their customers and employees but the job is not finished here. Recycling should be of equal importance to any business not just as a responsible entrepreneur of the corporate society, but, as ethical nationals of the country as well. Recycling has several advantages such as it reduces the amount of waste, saves energy, prevents pollution, reduces greenhouse gas releases and above all, sustains environment for future generations.

Have you ever thought of the diversity of shredded paper through its recycling?  Below are some varied commodities that can be produced through shredded paper:

  • Animal bedding
  • Furniture
  • Boats
  • More paper

Completely realizing the significance of recycling, MRS is a green document shredding service. We believe that for any damage caused to our environment, we as citizens must be held fully accountable for it because we are all responsible for it. It is our duty to sustain environment not just for ourselves, but for our coming generations. Our coalition with the recycling company has also cleared any confusion regarding the choice between paper shredding and recycling as we integrate both of these operations in our business. So join hands with us in creating a more environmental friendly USA without comprising your privacy and confidentiality!

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