Hire the right document destruction service for you.

A common question when thinking about document destruction, includes should you hire a third-party shredding provider or should you task a current employee take on shredding for you? More often than not, the decision is a no-brainer.

With sensitive business information, you can never be too careful. When you outsource your shredding needs, you not only keep your security under wraps, but you free up important employees to concentrate on the work that matters the most. Your business is important and by hiring a service you are saving approximately 20% of the time you would be paying that employee to shred for you.

Most organizations that need shredding services also need their documents securely disposed of, which is key in the document destruction process. Also, companies that generally need security for their documents do not have the equipment necessary to ensure documents stay confidential, such as locked consoles to house documents before shredding.

Mobile Record Shredders has an option to include on-site locked storage bins to ensure that documents read-to-be-disposed of remain safe from prying eyes. Our mobile shredding trucks allow for on-site shredding, rather than your documents being transported elsewhere. Leaving only a small trace of your documents that cannot be reassembled. After each project is complete, we leave you with a NAID certified, Certificate of Destruction to prove your documents

By outsourcing your needs, you save time, confidentially access, and in the long run money. And you know your documents will never get into the hands of those that shouldn’t have them.

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