How Identity Theft Affects You

Identity theft is fraud. It can ruin your life, your credit, your ability to get a future loan, and is an invasion of your privacy.

It starts with a sudden drop in your checking account balance, or a call from a debt collector about a cell phone service plan that you never signed up for. It’s the things that just don’t make sense that you are being held accountable for.

The first sign that you’ve been a victim of identity theft is always unsettling. For most people the first sign is just the beginning of a long battle to prove your identity and get your life back in your own hands. Depending on the determination of the identity thief, the length of time it happens, and the damage that has been done, will determine the extent of your results and time spent battling it.

On average people spend more than $3,000 repairing the damage from identity theft. Additionally mental and emotional stress from identity theft play significant roles when your identity has been stolen. Specifically when creditors and debt collectors are calling about transactions you never made.

Dealing with identity theft is never fun, but you can do your part to stay safe. By ensuring that all of your personal items are safe and confidential documents are out of harms way, shred! Contact us for more information today about how we can help you prevent identity theft.

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