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Our CSR Readiness Pro Edition offers assistance in drafting protocol and policies for security compliance, ways to determine whether you are experiencing a breach or not and advice on who, how and when to inform your customers of a breach

Mitigate Risk with Security

Earlier this year, the State of Colorado passed and signed into law HB18-1128, Protections for Consumer Data Privacy. HB18-1128 will be going into effect starting September 1, 2018 and requires any company conducting business with its citizens to have formal data security and data disposal programs, including written policies. It is important to point out that this law extends outside the state’s borders, applying to any and all organizations doing business there… regardless of where they are located.
Luckily for the business owners of Colorado, Mobile Record Shredders is always staying several steps “ahead of the curve”. We are the FIRST and ONLY shredding company to offer this turnkey program throughout the great state of Colorado.

You can easily add our new CSR Readiness Pro Compliance Toolkit to any one of our other services and we HIGHLY recommend you do it right away. The fines and the legal consequences for not taking reasonable steps towards protecting your company’s data could be a costly one.

The CSR Readiness Pro Toolkit Delivers a Proactive Security Solution With:

  1. Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Remediation
  3. Best Practices Templates
  4. Breach Reporting Support
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Did you know there are multiple causes of a breach?

Employee Error
Lost Devices
Unsecured Items
Payment Card Fraud
System Glitch
3rd Party Tools
Misplaced Files

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