NAID NEWS - Suspect Items to be Shred


We know you are shredding documents to keep them out of harms way, but what if we were to come across items that were suspect of criminal intent while shredding? A recent article published by NAID discussed the topic of “What if evidence of a criminal event or contraband is found in materials sent for destruction”. This topic was very interesting to us and we just wanted to summarize the outcome.

“From a strictly legal perspective they said if you discover something that indicates a crime has, is, or will happen, it should be reported to the authorities immediately.”

What If something is found in the collection bin (i.e. drugs, suspect photos, bloody clothing, etc.), on the conveyor to the shredder, or after it was shredded, what do you do?

“Not reporting it could be later interpreted as failure to report a crime, hiding evidence of a crime, or aiding and abetting…”

Read the full article in the NAID News. It’s interesting to see how these things are handled in the shedding industry.

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