NAID not only protects us, but it also protects you!

As a business that needs a reliable and safe shredding service, it’s extremely important to shred documents for both your customers safety as well as your company and employee safety. Identity theft is prevalent and the safest way to destroy documents is by hiring a service like ours.


Additionally, hiring a company with a good reputation is key. Make sure that company is NAID AAA certified <link to:> and do your diligence prior to hiring them.  A NAID certification is a big thing in the world of shredding. We are held to the highest of standards in the industry and hold security at the highest of measures.


As a Colorado mobile shredding company, we feel this certification is crucial to any document destruction service, and should be a factor in your decision to hire a document destruction company. The number one rule should be, if they aren’t NAID certified, you should not hire the company.


At Mobile Record Shredders, we are proud of this NAID Certification and are happy to comply and exceed the organization’s standards. Our goal is to ensure we are at the highest of confidence with our clients. If you have any additional questions about our NAID certification call us or chat with one of our live chat representatives today!

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