Shoppers Beware of the scam this Christmas Season

Are you doing your Christmas shopping online this year? And are you doing it through the ever-popular website Then you need to be aware of this scam going on this holiday season.

There will be an email sent to the customer from the scammer that appears to be from, it will say that an order made previously cannot be shipped. The email states that there was an issue with the order and tells them that they cannot access their account or order anything else with Amazon until they verify their personal information.

Inside of the email is a "click here" link that takes the customer to an authentic-looking Amazon web page to verify their name, address and credit card information for their account. Once the information has been entered and the customer hits the "save and continue" button, they will be rerouted to the actual Amazon website.

Which then leads to the question... how do you know if an Amazon email is real or fake?

In the subject line of the scam email, it will say, "Your order cannot be shipped." The "from" line in the email will show an Internet Service Provider other than, then you will know it is not from Amazon.

You should never click on the link of an email like this from Amazon or any other online retailer.

Officials said that if a customer recently ordered from Amazon and feels concerned about missing an authentic email from Amazon, they should log into and check under "Your Orders" to see if the email’s details match any of the order information. If the information doesn’t match, then the email is a scam.

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