Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #1

More often than not individuals and businesses just throw out their documents, rather than shredding them. Excuses include: office shredders are too noisy, taking staples and paperclips off documents is just too time-consuming, and it’s just easier to throw them in my waste paper basket. But, those are bad excuses. Now it’s more important than ever to take the time to properly dispose of documents. And this is why.

Myth #1
If my business has a shredder, my employees will definitely use it. 

False. It’s so much easier to just throw documents away. Many cases, employees might have a single sheet of paper to discard and instead of shredding it, so they rip it in half and toss it in the trash. Other times, the paper is accumulated in a pile, whether it be for shredding or just because it’s convenient, which can become a security issue or they just throw it away.

It’s important to make employees aware of the dangers that they pose by just throwing the paper away. Not only is it a potential identity theft breach, but it also could cause a corporate espionage problem. Make your employees aware of the importance of shredding, especially if there’s a shredder in the office. OR hire a shredding service to make it even easier for them.

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