Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #5

And last but not least, myth number five. Always know that your documents are not safe unless you shred, but you do not need to shred yourself to be safe.

Myth #5:
Businesses must shred their own records to remain compliant with the law.
As we previously stated, it’s important for businesses to stay compliant with the law and destroy confidential documents, however it is not a requirement that the destruction be witnessed by an employee. Once your company has contracted a reputable shredding company, especially if it’s NAID certified like Mobile Record Shredders, it’s important to get a certificate of destruction from your shredding company. This document is proof of shredding and allows you to shred onsite or offsite.

Knowing the facts about shredding will not only simplify things at your business, it will also help protect you and your business.

Myth number five concludes our five party myth busting shred series. Although there are many more myths about shredding, it’s imperative that you keep yourself and your company safe by shredding any important documents no longer in use. For more information about our services, or shredding in general, feel free to chat with one of our live representatives about your shredding


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