Stacks of patients' confidential medical documents found outside clinic

Stacks of half burned medical documents were found across the street from a metro Atlanta medical center.

A bypasser first reported this information to a news channel to the problem in a parking lot across the street from the clinic. Seiden said he found hundreds of patient records in a dumpster when he went to an abandoned building across the street. There were also other sensitive documents outside in shipping crates.

All the documents were in plain site for anyone to see and had personal information on all of them such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth and medications.

The spokeswomen for the clinic sent an email to Seiden that stated:

"We are opening a full investigation into this matter. Securing our patient’s records and caring for our patients are top priorities. We follow strict protocols for removing and destruction of records, which does not include burning. We have recently had several episodes of vandalism from sealed and locked containers, which may be where this occurred, but we have not had any reports of missing records."

It has also been confirmed by the spokeswomen that all the files including the shipping crates will be picked up by officials. An exact date was not given but she said that some of the files are over 50 years old.

The issue is still being investigated.

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