Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #3

As a business owner, or an employee of a business, you should know your rights and the law. This week’s myth, busts the myth about business shredding… because it’s a federal law!

Myth #3
Only “some” businesses have to shred.

The federal law requires businesses (all businesses) to properly maintain information if necessary. After the appropriate records retention period, are properly disposed of.  Federal laws including FACTA, which requires businesses to have procedures for destruction methods, and HIPAA, which applies to medical information, are there to ensure information does not get into the wrong hands.

If hiring a shredding company, make sure they are NAID certified. A NAID certification ensures the shredding company is up to date on all of the laws and knows how to keep you compliant.


Only three myths you say? This is a five-part blog series. Read more next week, when we uncover even more myths about shredding.