NAID - The Shredding Industry’s Certificate of Choice

Whenever you shred, you should receive a document known as the Certificate of Destruction which shows proof of document destruction.  While these these certificates are used by virtually all shredding companies, there are security restrictions that make sure the right practices are in place.

Many shredding clients mistakenly take this certificate as proof that they are not liable for the documents that are being destroyed. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect. Even an itemized certificate, is impossible for the shredding contractor to know for sure whether each and every employee record for that time period was included in the documents he was given.

A standard clause in contracts for all NAID members (National Association for Information Destruction, which every reputable shredding company should be a member of) clearly states that itemized lists of materials submitted for destruction are not proof that such documents were actually included in the materials submitted. This clause protects the shredding company, but it also protects the consumer, because it is eliminating any false notions that the certificate is in itself proof that particular documents were destroyed.

What does all of this mean? Do Certificate of Destructions provide any protection to the consumer? Actually, they are very important documents that protect both the contractor and the consumer, by stating upfront what is and what is not a responsibility of the shredding company. And ultimately, it all leads back to this: choosing a reliable, reputable shredding company provides you not only with excellent service, but peace of mind as well.

Mobile Record Shredders is NAID Certified and holds the highest of standards when it comes to confidentiality. Our Certificate of Destruction is up to par with NAID standards and helps you stay safe.

Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #3

As a business owner, or an employee of a business, you should know your rights and the law. This week’s myth, busts the myth about business shredding… because it’s a federal law!

Myth #3
Only “some” businesses have to shred.

The federal law requires businesses (all businesses) to properly maintain information if necessary. After the appropriate records retention period, are properly disposed of.  Federal laws including FACTA, which requires businesses to have procedures for destruction methods, and HIPAA, which applies to medical information, are there to ensure information does not get into the wrong hands.

If hiring a shredding company, make sure they are NAID certified. A NAID certification ensures the shredding company is up to date on all of the laws and knows how to keep you compliant.


Only three myths you say? This is a five-part blog series. Read more next week, when we uncover even more myths about shredding.