The Dangers of Using a Paper Shredder


Many people use a paper shredder to protect their privacy and to keep hackers from stealing their identity. In 2017 statistics state that 8.6 million people were the victim of identity theft, according to the Bureau of Justice. If you’ve decided that shredding your documents yourself is the best way to go, consider the dangers first.

Personal Injuries

Paper shredders use sharp grinding metal teeth to rip paper apart. If not used correctly it can pose a serious danger to the person using it. According to the US Consumer Production Safety Commission shredders have caused numerous finger injuries, including amputations and lacerations.
There are many ways that these injuries can happen. Countless accidents have happened from clothing or jewelry being too loose and then being caught in the shredder. When the paper is jammed in the machine, people attempt to remove it and get their fingers caught in the blades.

Injuries to Children

Having a safe environment for young children is very important to parents; however, that can be a challenge at times. Having a paper shredder can pose another risk. Curious children can get their small fingers caught in the shredding blades. Most shredders have an automatic function that leaves the shredder on while it waits to be activated when it senses paper.

Injuries to Pets

Pet owners should keep in mind that their animals can get hurt if left unattended around a paper shredder. A cat’s natural curiosity could lead it to put its paw in the shredder, or a dog could put its nose or tongue to close for comfort. A pet cannot be taught the dangers of shredding as children can.

Fire Hazard

Fire hazards are a real risk with shredders. When the paper is left jammed in the machine and unattended, the heat from the shredder could cause combustion. Paper shredders that are also left plugged in with the automatic setting on are also at risk for causing an electrical fire.

Instead of worrying about what could happen with a paper shredder call the professionals at 719-544-5460. To learn more about how Mobile Record Shredders can protect your documents, please contact us to get a free quote and security risk assessment.