Why Hire a Shredding Service?

For businesses, shredding documents has become part of the normal routine. Shredding allows you to keep important documents confidential and abide by strict US Government rules and procedures that mandate documents are properly destroyed and to eliminate the opportunity of identity theft.

As a business grows, it increases the number of confidential documents that need to be disposed of in order to keep your employee and customer information safe. Shredding in-house can take too much time and resources to properly destroy documents. By hiring a shredding service, you are creating a cost-effective solution to the burden of shredding.

Rather than going through the expensive and time-consuming process of owning and maintaining your shredding equipment, a shredding service uses it’s own equipment and eliminates the time and effort taken to shred materials under your supervision. Plus, shredding services are affordable. Whether it’s having us pick up your documents or bringing them to one of our shredding facilities, the cost and time associated with using our services far outweigh that of doing it in-house.

Paper Shredding is Helping Save the Environment

Shredding paper is just as important as recycling it, so that's why we do both. We just wanted to share our great recycling success in the past year for 2017.

Within the past year, our corporate-wide recycling program recycled approximately 4,518,952 pounds of recyclable paper. As a result of your efforts the following resources have been conserved:

To add to this, since Mobile Record Shredders opened in 2004 to 2017 our recycling program recycled approximately 26,557,607 pounds of recyclable paper! As a result of your efforts the following resources have been conserved:

We couldn't have done this without you and appreciate your business and commitment! Here's to another great year of recycling and helping to save the environment.

Shredding and the Environment 

Does shredding affect the earth? Of course, it does, and it's an extremely positive one here at Mobile Record Shredders since we recycle all destroyed material.

The Paper Waste Problem 

The U.S. Ecological Protection Agency (EPA) reports that paper items made up more than 27 percent of all city waste in 2010. Luckily, it's anything but difficult to keep paper out of the waste stream and landfill.

Organizations that reuse their disposed of paper items are keeping the earth clean, healthy and maintainable—reused paper doesn't go to a landfill. Rather it goes into making reused paper items which would somehow or another be produced using new crude materials.

When you have your confidential and sensitive paper records and reports shredded by Mobile Record Shredders, not only can you rest assured that all personally identifiable information and confidential client data has been rendered unrecoverable, but also you can know that all of the shredded byproducts has been recycled.

Spare a Tree, or Better yet, an Entire Forest 

By partnering with Mobile Record Shredders you also fulfill an environmental responsibility. We recycle mass amounts of paper each year. As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, every ton of recycled paper fiber saves:

What happens to the Paper Waste Shredded by Mobile Record Shredders?

All of the paper waste our mobile shredding trucks generate is recycled. As indicated by the EPA, the destroyed paper is utilized by factories to make buyer items, for example:

In addition, a mixed grade recycled paper is used as:

Document Destruction: There's No Better Way to Shred 

Ensure your personal records and sensitive archives are safely destroyed and recycled by Mobile Record Shredders.

Mobile Record Shredders has AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

How Paper Shredding is Saving the Environment


It’s more than just a piece of paper you are shredding. It’s also something that help better the environment if disposed of correctly.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when you throw paper away, it becomes approximately 33% of the municipal sold waste stream, making the largest component of that waste stream. Why continue to add to the growth when you can do something to help solve the problem?

Recycle! It’s really that easy. When it comes to paper shredding, we recycle 100% of the paper that is shred. Recycling paper not only conserves resources, but also prevents emissions of greenhouse gasses and pollutants, saves energy, stimulates growth of greener technologies, creates jobs, and reduces the need for additional landfills.

The paper industry has set a goal to recycle and recover 70% of the paper consumed by Americans each year by 2020. One ton of recycled paper save 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. That math adds up to saving an area that is approximately the same size as Washington D.C.  Impressive at the least.

Do your part to help save the environment and shred. Use a service like ours and we will do the recycling for you. It’s as easy and simple as that.

How Identity Theft Affects You

Identity theft is fraud. It can ruin your life, your credit, your ability to get a future loan, and is an invasion of your privacy.

It starts with a sudden drop in your checking account balance, or a call from a debt collector about a cell phone service plan that you never signed up for. It’s the things that just don’t make sense that you are being held accountable for.

The first sign that you’ve been a victim of identity theft is always unsettling. For most people the first sign is just the beginning of a long battle to prove your identity and get your life back in your own hands. Depending on the determination of the identity thief, the length of time it happens, and the damage that has been done, will determine the extent of your results and time spent battling it.

On average people spend more than $3,000 repairing the damage from identity theft. Additionally mental and emotional stress from identity theft play significant roles when your identity has been stolen. Specifically when creditors and debt collectors are calling about transactions you never made.

Dealing with identity theft is never fun, but you can do your part to stay safe. By ensuring that all of your personal items are safe and confidential documents are out of harms way, shred! Contact us for more information today about how we can help you prevent identity theft.

Going Green while Safeguarding your Documents

At Mobile Record Shredders we not only take pride in safeguarding your confidential documents, but we also recycle 100% of the paper we shred. So, in addition to knowing your confidential information is out of harms way, you are also being environmentally conscious when choosing to use our services.








Our eco-friendly focus ensures that the paper we shed is recycled using green practices. As you may know, our shredding efforts per bale (otherwise known as 1,000 pounds of shredded paper) when recycled, translates to the following green practices:

• Our shredding services save 9 trees, for one bale of paper
• It also reduces 1.5 cubic yards of landfill
• Eliminates 2000 kilowatt-hours of electricity
• And reduces the use of 3500 gallons of water

Even as companies include more green practices in their workplace and turn to paperless management systems, our services are here to help keep you secure. Our electronic recycling partnership with Blue Star Recyclers  allows us to further our green practices to destroy electronics. As you may know, safeguarding your electronics and documents housed on those devices also helps you to keep confidential information safe.