Top Items to Shred!

We’ve listed them before but we cannot stress enough what you should shred.
See a comprehensive list of the top 20 items you should shred in the list below.

  1. Legal documents

  2. Payroll records

  3. Financial records

  4. Payroll records

  5. New product proposals

  6. Magnetic media (tapes, disks, CD’s or anything storing electronic data)

  7. Account records

  8. Medical records

  9. Class Rosters

  10. Maps and blueprints

  11. Inventory lists

  12. Confidential correspondence (such as letters, emails, etc.)

  13. Customer lists and estimates

  14. Invoices

  15. Outdated business records

  16. Tax records

  17. Credit and ID Cards

  18. Microfilm and fiche

  19. Price Lists

  20. Cancelled checks

  21. Junk Mail (this is overlooked quite often)