Local outsourcing for your shredding is a good investment.

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Trying to decide whether you should hire a shredding company or just shred in house?

It's generally best to have an outsourced document destruction company take care of your confidential document shredding needs. If you assign this task to internal employees, the shredding takes away from valuable time they could be spending on tasks to benefit your business and increase its profits.

Make sure if you do hire a document destruction company shred your documents on site and provide you with a certificate of destruction. Also ensure they are NAID certified so they are following shredding best practices to ensure your documents are confidential. On-site shredding also eliminates the risks that can result from having the documents taken elsewhere, possibly given to subcontractors, or in the case of unscrupulous companies, not even shredded at all but sold to a third party.

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