Confidential Records Taken From Tax Filing Office Found In Dumpster

A man found hundreds of tax documents discarded in a dumpster at a Mansfield industrial office complex which was only ten miles away from the Liberty Tax Alta Mesa office in Fort Worth in which they were filed at.

The man who found the documents, called a woman in Mansfield to let her know that her personal information was found in that dumpster.

The records contained social security numbers, addresses, drivers license numbers, and bank account information.

Authorities are investigating the dumping and theft of the documents according to the owner of the franchise.

Past employees and current are being asked questions about this incident.

According to Liberty Tax officials, all the customers will be contacted about this security breach and identity protection will be given to all of them.

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The Dangers of Using a Paper Shredder


Many people use a paper shredder to protect their privacy and to keep hackers from stealing their identity. In 2017 statistics state that 8.6 million people were the victim of identity theft, according to the Bureau of Justice. If you’ve decided that shredding your documents yourself is the best way to go, consider the dangers first.

Personal Injuries

Paper shredders use sharp grinding metal teeth to rip paper apart. If not used correctly it can pose a serious danger to the person using it. According to the US Consumer Production Safety Commission shredders have caused numerous finger injuries, including amputations and lacerations.
There are many ways that these injuries can happen. Countless accidents have happened from clothing or jewelry being too loose and then being caught in the shredder. When the paper is jammed in the machine, people attempt to remove it and get their fingers caught in the blades.

Injuries to Children

Having a safe environment for young children is very important to parents; however, that can be a challenge at times. Having a paper shredder can pose another risk. Curious children can get their small fingers caught in the shredding blades. Most shredders have an automatic function that leaves the shredder on while it waits to be activated when it senses paper.

Injuries to Pets

Pet owners should keep in mind that their animals can get hurt if left unattended around a paper shredder. A cat’s natural curiosity could lead it to put its paw in the shredder, or a dog could put its nose or tongue to close for comfort. A pet cannot be taught the dangers of shredding as children can.

Fire Hazard

Fire hazards are a real risk with shredders. When the paper is left jammed in the machine and unattended, the heat from the shredder could cause combustion. Paper shredders that are also left plugged in with the automatic setting on are also at risk for causing an electrical fire.

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Get the Answers to your most asked Paper Shredding Questions

What Type of Material Do You Shed?


We have so many people ask us about what exactly can they shred.

The answer is, just about anything! Instead of using conventional strip-cut shredders, like the shredders you purchase for your home office, we use crosscut shredding trucks to take care of your shedding needs. This crosscut technology reduces paper to extremely fine pieces, similar to confetti.

Additionally, the crosscut technology makes the paper so fine, that it is virtually impossible to reconstruct the documents again to avoid identity theft and breeches in confidentiality.

This crosscut process destroys anything from paper, to fabric, plastics, and metals. Wondering what to do with those old CDs and DVDs that you rarely use on your computer anymore? Shred!

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Going Green while Safeguarding your Documents

At Mobile Record Shredders we not only take pride in safeguarding your confidential documents, but we also recycle 100% of the paper we shred. So, in addition to knowing your confidential information is out of harms way, you are also being environmentally conscious when choosing to use our services.








Our eco-friendly focus ensures that the paper we shed is recycled using green practices. As you may know, our shredding efforts per bale (otherwise known as 1,000 pounds of shredded paper) when recycled, translates to the following green practices:

• Our shredding services save 9 trees, for one bale of paper
• It also reduces 1.5 cubic yards of landfill
• Eliminates 2000 kilowatt-hours of electricity
• And reduces the use of 3500 gallons of water

Even as companies include more green practices in their workplace and turn to paperless management systems, our services are here to help keep you secure. Our electronic recycling partnership with Blue Star Recyclers  allows us to further our green practices to destroy electronics. As you may know, safeguarding your electronics and documents housed on those devices also helps you to keep confidential information safe.

Reduce Waste in Your Office

Fact #1: The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year.

Fact #2: The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, but consumes 30% of the world’s paper.

Based on those facts, the U.S. EPA estimates that paper and cardboard account for almost 40% of our garbage. Implementing a workplace plan to recycle and reduce unnecessary paper use can prevent a large portion of that waste. Here are some helpful tips to creating a greener office environment.

When trying to make your office a greener environment, also consider disposing of paper documents through a shredding service. At Mobile record shredders we recycle 100% of the paper we shred and are a great complimentary service to helping your business improve green practices.