It’s Not Just Paper - Destroy and Recycle Electronics too!

Electronics are often overlooked when you think about document destruction.  But, they are in fact one of the easiest sources to get confidential information. Specifically hard drives.

Often time’s individuals and businesses alike forget about, or even ignore the ever-growing need to properly destroy electronic devices. Hard drives are one of the easiest places for identity thieves to steal your confidential information from, including credit card information, passwords, and more. By not properly disposing of these items, you are putting yourself at risk for a security breech, identity theft and more.

Cases of theft from documents falling into the wrong hands never seem to miss the headlines and will only continue to rise as more and more people fall victim. With the majority of individuals and victims increasingly turning to going the paperless route and storing data on computers, the theft of data from hard drives has become just as easy of a task as by getting information from paper documents. You hear stories regularly about businesses being broken into and customer and employee data being stolen for credit card and identity theft alike.

Many believe that deleting files or wiping hard drives prior to selling or disposing of electronics works to remove sensitive information, but that is not always the case. The only absolute way to prevent your personal or business information from being retrieved from electronic devices is to securely destroy hard drives.

At Mobile Record Shredders, we not only properly and securely dispose of your paper trail, but we also partner with Blue Star Recycling to dispose of electronics as well.  Find out more about our partnership and services.


Shredding Paper and Recycling


Our customers often ask about the environmental impact of shredding. And one of the most common questions asked is, “is shredded paper recyclable?”. The answer is, yes. At Mobile Record Shredders we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. The waste produced by shredding services is recycled and helps prevent deforestation.

Paper, in even the recycled form is very valuable. The process of recycling paper includes down-cycling paper fibers into mixed grade paper. Copy paper, tissue paper, or toilet paper are just a few forms of paper that shredded paper turns into after recycled.

In addition to recycling the paper we shred, we also recycle electronics with our partner Blue Star Recycling. For more information on that partnership, click here.