Is it actually confidential? Confidentiality is key with you company!

How quickly could you detect a breech in your company’s security? If you cannot answer that question, then we are here to help!

Whether your business is small or large, securing your company from a security breech or potential identity thief, is extremely important to your business, your customers and your employees. A security breach can be anything from lost data, to intellectual property and can be harmful to a company brand and decrease customer and employee trust.

Hiring a secure and safe shredding service is the first step to staying secure and detecting a breech early, if it does occur.  The following is a list of things you can do to help you stay secure:

  1. Always make sure you shred your documents. Hire a service to make sure they are properly disposed of
  2. Recycle electronics. All information on the computers you are disposing of, contain confidential information, use a service like ours to dispose of your electronics to ensure they do not make it into the wrong hands
  3. Always update your antivirus and database security software when updates occur
  4. Make sure your employees are up to date on how to dispose of confidential documents
  5. Make shedding a priority in your company culture
  6. Regularly go through your confidential documents and make sure
  7. Enforce security process and policies in your company
  8. Eliminate unnecessary data in your workplace. Dispose of it (shredding is the most secure method of destruction), and keep an updated database of what you still have

Contact us for help to secure your documents. We’re here to help!