Small Business Risks!


When it comes to a security breach or hacker data attacks, small businesses are targets too! And most likely more at risk than larger companies with higher security in place to secure their data.

For example the Target security breach of 2013 caused 40 million customer credit cards to be compromised, but it wasn’t just consumers that had their documents stolen. Several small businesses were included in that breach and were affected as well.

Many smaller companies are not aware of the dangers of not properly disposing of their documents and electronics. Often times, if there is no shredding company involved, confidential documents are not properly disposed of and are often just thrown in the trash. Old computers are also not disposed of properly which can cause major breaches in security as well.

Keep your company safe! Hire a document disposal company to securely dispose of your documents and electronics. We have a partnership with Blue Star Recycling to dispose of computer, hard drives, and more to keep you and your company out of harms way.

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