Safety and Confidentiality First!

We have various bin sizes for storing your documents prior to destruction. If your company has a lot of documents to shred regularly, we have larger containers and if you do not shred often we have smaller bins to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we are NAID certified and provide a certificate of destruction after your documents are shred to ensure your documents are disposed of in the securest of manners.

Rest assured, your documents are safe with us. For more information contact us today.


Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #2

As we said in our last post, there are several myths to bust when it comes to shredding. We first explained to you that due to contrary belief, once your garbage hits the curb, your documents can go anywhere. We also told you about not keeping documents “just in case”. Well, we have additional myths that you may not be aware of, that could keep you safe from identity theft. 

Myth #2
It’s better to save confidential documents and/or records, “just in case.” 
Businesses are required by law to maintain a variety of records. They are also required to properly disposed of confidential documents when it’s time. Every business should have a policy in place to properly destroy documents, and that policy should be hiring a shredding service. And for personal documents, ensure you don’t just have your documents lying around. If there happens to be theft of your home, car, or business, your documents are not safe. Make sure to shred documents that are in the open and no longer needed.

Only two myths you say? This is a five-part blog series. Read more next week, when we uncover even more myths about shredding.

NAID Certification – Why it’s important you know about it!

Safety. Confidentiality. Protection. All three items are extremely important when disposing of your documents. With a NAID Certification  your documents are in good hands and are treated in the utmost secure fashion when being disposed of.

Mobile Record Shedders has an AAA certification with NAID. This means, we are held to the highest of standards in the industry and hold security at the highest of measures. This includes providing a certification of shredding, when your documents are disposed of and much more.

NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction. According to NAID, the purpose of the certification includes:

"The NAID AAA Certification Program is a voluntary program for NAID member companies providing information destruction services. Through the program, NAID members will be audited for mobile and/or plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micromedia, computer hard drive destruction, and/or computer hard drive sanitization. Under this program, the certification application and associated fees cover only individual locations. If a NAID member operates in multiple locations, each location must pass the audit to be certified. NAID members who receive certification must specify the location certified in company literature when referencing the NAID certification program."

Click here for the full list of qualifications needed for a NAID Certification. We are here to keep your confidential information safe and secure. Contact us for more information or questions.

Good Housekeeping – Shred!

What do you do with that huge stack of papers on your desk? Or those old file folders that you just need to get rid of? Or even old tax returns or bank statements?

At Mobile Record Shredders, we have the answer. Rather than purchasing a paper shredder, you can hire a service, such as ours, that will come to your office and destroy confidential documents for yourself, your employees, and your customers – Keeping everyone safe.

We can set up a regularly scheduled service, or we can come as needed. You can also bring your documents into our Pueblo location and we will shred them on site for you, box by box. Documents are fully destroyed and entirely out of harms way. Plus, we recycle 100% of the paper we shred.

Feel free to call us to find out more or for a quote today. We are here to help.