What Can You Do About Everyday Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is more common than you might think and often happens without you even knowing by the things you do everyday without thinking twice about it. Watch the Ted Talks video by James Lyne to find out more.

Don't fall prey to these attacks, this video will help you better understand how to avert data breaches and keep your system from being hacked.

Cyber criminals are on the rise and are very experienced in what they do. This reminds us that it's not just NSA that is watching us, as James Lyne explains. These cyber criminals are just looking to exploit
weak code and take advantage of innocent by standards.

Other ways to avoid a security breach include document shredding. By shredding all documents that contain confidential information, you are eliminating the risk of hackers or criminals coming across these documents. Shredding completely destroys the documents making them impossible to recover and steal the data.

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Would you want to be notified of a data breach?

Survey results are in, according to MarketWatch 84% of people want to be notified immediately of a data breach.

A study by ZixCorp focusing on American consumers’ views on data breaches conducted with more than 500 individuals between the ages of 18-75 surveyed, revealed how Americans view data breaches.

“As a whole, the results show that Americans have strong feelings about data breach notification, with 84 percent of those surveyed stating that the best way a company can regain their trust after a breach occurs is to notify them right away and provide a high level of contact. Additionally, 92 percent of respondents think a company should be required to report a data breach to their entire customer base, regardless of breach size.
While the majority of respondents agree on notification, they are divided on what steps should be taken to protect themselves and placing trust in retailers. Specifically, 49 percent of respondents said they have not changed their shopping habits in light of the massive retail breaches over the past two years, and 60 percent trust retailers to protect their credit and debit card information.”

Read the full article and find out more.

Security for your company - tips to stay protected!

Detecting a security breach is extremely important. Reducing the impact for a security breach, or the loss of confidential information, can minimize the harm that can be done with a breach.

A security breach can be anything from lost data, to intellectual property and can be harmful to a company brand and decrease customer trust. Being prepared is key, in the unfortunate event than a security incident ever occur. Through process, technology, and the people in your company, you can be better prepared and focus on early detection.

The following guidelines can help you, and your company, ensure you are ready in the event that a breach may occur:

Make sure your company is protected. Let us help you be ready in the event that a security breach occur.