Reduce, reuse, recycle and SHRED.

When you use our service, you are more than likely only thinking about shedding, but did you know how much of an impact you are making on the environment when you shred, and particularly when you use our services? See the facts and figures below.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we:
• Shredding one bale saves 9 trees
• Reduces 1.5 cubic yards of landfill
• Eliminates 2000 kilowatt hours of electricity
• And reduce the use of 3500 gallons of water each year

In addition to our paper shredding services, we also partner with Blue Star Recyclers to increase our document destruction recycling efforts, and allow our customers to safely and securely destroy electronics.

For more information on our recycling efforts and partnership with Blue Star Recyclers, click here.

Secure shredding services to help you!

Organizations are often in need of shredding services to ensure documents are securely disposed of.

Companies that generally need security for their documents do not have the equipment necessary to ensure documents stay confidential, such as locked consoles to house documents before shredding.

Mobile Record Shredders can come to you -- or you can come to them! We have an option for companies to have on-site locked storage bins for security, so documents remain safe from prying eyes. Our mobile shredding trucks allow for on-site shredding, rather than your documents being transported elsewhere. Leaving only a small trace of your documents that cannot be reassembled. After each project is complete, we leave you with a NAID Certificate of Destruction, to prove your documents have been safely destroyed.

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Shredding Paper and Recycling


Our customers often ask about the environmental impact of shredding. And one of the most common questions asked is, “is shredded paper recyclable?”. The answer is, yes. At Mobile Record Shredders we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. The waste produced by shredding services is recycled and helps prevent deforestation.

Paper, in even the recycled form is very valuable. The process of recycling paper includes down-cycling paper fibers into mixed grade paper. Copy paper, tissue paper, or toilet paper are just a few forms of paper that shredded paper turns into after recycled.

In addition to recycling the paper we shred, we also recycle electronics with our partner Blue Star Recycling. For more information on that partnership, click here.

Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #2

As we said in our last post, there are several myths to bust when it comes to shredding. We first explained to you that due to contrary belief, once your garbage hits the curb, your documents can go anywhere. We also told you about not keeping documents “just in case”. Well, we have additional myths that you may not be aware of, that could keep you safe from identity theft. 

Myth #2
It’s better to save confidential documents and/or records, “just in case.” 
Businesses are required by law to maintain a variety of records. They are also required to properly disposed of confidential documents when it’s time. Every business should have a policy in place to properly destroy documents, and that policy should be hiring a shredding service. And for personal documents, ensure you don’t just have your documents lying around. If there happens to be theft of your home, car, or business, your documents are not safe. Make sure to shred documents that are in the open and no longer needed.

Only two myths you say? This is a five-part blog series. Read more next week, when we uncover even more myths about shredding.