How do you choose the shredding service right for you?

As a business, or even just for personal use, shredding is extremely important to keeping your identity or customer’s identities safe. You can choose to shred at home, but to ensure your documents are safe, hiring a shredding service is always recommended.

What to look for when hiring a shredding service:


Security is number one in the fight against identity theft. No one should ever see the documents you are disposing of, even the service you are using to shred. Each box should be locked and the handling of documents should be non-existent before shredding. Do not accept anything less when hiring a shredding service.

At Mobile Record Shredders, we are NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certified, which ensures that document and other private information is completely secure and not handled prior to being destroyed. This certification mandates that we follow governmental regulations and keep all documents secure.

Other Things to Think About

Price is always a factor, but do not substitute cost for security. It’s important to get quotes, but make sure your service is NAID certified to keep you safe. Make sure to get quotes on the frequency of shredding and the approximate amount of pounds your documents weigh. This will help you chose the right service for you.

Customer Support

You want to choose a company that is reliable and has a great customer support team to answer all of your document destruction questions. At Mobile Record Shredders, we not only have an amazing staff to help you with your needs, but we also offer live chat on our website, so you can speak with someone as you review the site and ask questions.

Call us today, we would love to give you an estimate and help you with your document destruction needs.

Protect Your Clients, Your Employees, You Reputation and Yourself

Protect Your Business

Document destruction through secure means, like a service such as Mobile Record Shredders, will protect your business from the theft of confidential information, lawsuits, identity theft and more. It also keeps confidential documents out of the hands of competitors looking to get ahead.

Protect Your Clients

Mobile Record Shredders will protect your client’s sensitive information by ensuring that your documents are securely and totally destroyed. We offer the highest security possible. With a AAA NAID certification, we are compliant with laws regarding privacy legislation and held to the highest of standards in document destruction.

Protect Your Employees

All employees are at risk for identity theft and personal fraud if their personal information is not destroyed properly. Employee files, social security numbers, banking details, medial insurance information, and addresses cannot be compromised. In order to keep your employees safe, their information must be securely destroyed. If they are not, your company can be sued for not being compliance with regulations on information destruction.

Protect Your Reputation

Protect your reputation by using Mobile Record Shredders for all of your document destruction needs.  Irresponsible discarded information puts your company, clients and employees at risk. By using our services, you will not fall victim to thieves who can commit fraud with documents not properly disposed of, which could leave your company at risk for lawsuits, fines, and criminal charges, as well as unwanted media coverage. Protect your reputation from being in the news from security breaches of compliance.

If you are worried about the sensitivity of your documents, let us handle it. No job, big or small, Mobile Record Shredders is here to help.