Tax Time Shredding

Tax time is often a time when identity thieves are preying. Your tax returns, new and old, have confidential information on them that could be used against you by identity thieves. Make sure to keep your documents safe and out of harm's way.

Identity thieves are lurking and only need your Social Security number and birth date to file a tax return in your name. With these key pieces of information, they can falsify additional information requested on the return and wrongly receive money that belongs to you. The IRS does not check the validity of each tax request and because of this, your tax return money could easily be on its way to an identity thief pretending to be you.

Follow the key tips below to help keep you and your tax documents safe, this tax season.

Let Mobile Record Shredders keep your documents safe this tax season. Contact us for more information.

Business Trash is Identity Thief and Corporate Espionage Treasure

What is one person’s trash is another person’s treasure -- Especially when it comes to business “trash” disposal. It is absolutely not wise for any business to simply throw away old documents without proper document destruction. Not only based on the environment impact, but in many cases it’s illegal. Federal and state regulations call for the secure destruction of specific confidential information, including social security numbers, medical records, and industry-specific data, just to name a few. Without the proper disposal of these documents companies can get in a slew of trouble and be severely fined.

In a secure shredding program, like the shredding services that Mobile Record Shredders provides, your company can either bring your documents to our shredding facility, or we provide you with a special locked bin that we pick up and shred in our secure document destruction trucks. The paper is shredded beyond any possible reconstruction and is then recycled.

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Ready Set Shred - Protect Yourself and Your Business

Shredding is an easy solution to protect yourself. If you are a business owner, you also need to think about your clients and your business.

Secure document destruction by a reputable shredding company like us, Mobile Record Shredders, will protect you and your confidential information, identity theft and more.

We will protect you and your business’s sensitive customer information by ensuring that your documents are securely and totally destroyed. We offer the highest security possible.

Your employees are also secure when you shred. Identity theft and personal fraud are a real threat especially if you are the keeper of their personal information is not destroyed properly. Employee files, social security numbers, banking details, medial insurance information, and addresses cannot be compromised. In order to keep your employees safe, their information must be securely destroyed. If they are not, your company can be sued for not being compliance with regulations on information destruction.

Irresponsibly discarded information puts everyone at risk, Make sure to do your diligence and use our services to avoid your confidential information falling into the wrong hands.