Why Hire a Shredding Service?

For businesses, shredding documents has become part of the normal routine. Shredding allows you to keep important documents confidential and abide by strict US Government rules and procedures that mandate documents are properly destroyed and to eliminate the opportunity of identity theft.

As a business grows, it increases the number of confidential documents that need to be disposed of in order to keep your employee and customer information safe. Shredding in-house can take too much time and resources to properly destroy documents. By hiring a shredding service, you are creating a cost-effective solution to the burden of shredding.

Rather than going through the expensive and time-consuming process of owning and maintaining your shredding equipment, a shredding service uses it’s own equipment and eliminates the time and effort taken to shred materials under your supervision. Plus, shredding services are affordable. Whether it’s having us pick up your documents or bringing them to one of our shredding facilities, the cost and time associated with using our services far outweigh that of doing it in-house.

Business Owners: Does Your Staff Know Which Documents Need to Be Destroyed?

One of the biggest problems in document destruction is just a simple lack of knowledge.

People are told “get rid of these credit card slips,” and they toss them in the recycling bin because that’s getting rid of them, right? They may be unaware of the specific liability problems these documents can present, or they may simply take the entire stack and dump it, unaware that they needed to use document destruction to fulfill a legal obligation. Take the time to train your staff, and to learn for your own legal safety which documents should be destroyed and why.

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