Shredding Bins—How They Can Help My Business

Document shredding services help companies keep their private information private. Every business document has an expiration date, and rather than toss private customer, employee, and other sensitive business information in the trash where anyone can access it, paper shredding offers some peace of mind.

While some companies may only need to shred a few sheets of paper a day, other organizations may produce hundreds or thousands of documents a week that require shredding. If this is your situation you should consider regularly scheduled shredding services, where you’ll discover the benefits of shredding bins.

What Are Shredding Bins?

Shredding bins are secured with a lock and have a small slot to put paper into. Your provider will give you bins to place in and around your office, after signing up for routine scheduled shredding services. Bins will protect all your company's private information between visits from your shredding service.

It is up to you how many bins you have throughout your office, this depends on how many documents need to be shredded as your company accumulates them over a period of time.

As time passes you easily compile the documents that need to be shredded into your bins. The shredding service you hired will come on the dates you pre-scheduled with them to pick up the bins, shred the sensitive material, and will replace the newly-emptied bins in your office to start the process over again.

Alternatives to Regularly Scheduled Shredding Services

Shredding bins and routine services are appropriate for businesses that rapidly produce and accrue sensitive information. If your company occasionally produces a considerable amount of documents that need shredding, one-time shredding purges are available as an option.

Shred Your Confidential Files for Peace of Mind

Mobile Record Shredders is committed to assisting companies of all proportions to find document shredding solutions that meet their needs. Whether you will benefit from ongoing services or just require a one time shredding purge, we can help.

Call us today at (719) 544-5460 or fill out the form on the right for more information on services available near you, and we will get you several quoted options for free.

Get rid of documents you no longer need!

Stacks of paper here. And more there. Old files on one shelf and tax returns and bank statements on the other. Get rid of the clutter if you don’t need them! But shred, to avoid any worry of your documents getting into the wrong hands.

At Mobile Record Shredders, we can help you.  Rather than purchasing a paper shredder, you can hire a service, that will come to your office and destroy confidential documents for you, your employees, and your customers – Keeping everyone safe and office time shredding at a minimum.

We can set up a regularly scheduled service, or we can come as needed. You can also bring your documents into our Pueblo location and we will shred them on site for you, box by box. Documents are fully destroyed and entirely out of harms way. Plus, we recycle 100% of the paper we shred.

Feel free to call us to find out more or for a quote today. We are here to help.

What Size Jobs Do We Accept?

There is no job too big or too small! We can handle it all.

Our customers range from one box personal shredding, to small offices, to major corporations. Depending on your needs, we offer drop off locations, or in house pick up services based on a schedule that works for you.

Depending on your needs, we can customize a solution that works best for you. For larger corporations we include services with on-site designated and locked shred boxes that allow employees to dispose of documents in need of shredding and we will come to shred on designated dates. For smaller companies we offer similar services but tailored to the needs of the company.  Visit our services page for more information on how we can help you.

Shredding Paper and Recycling


Our customers often ask about the environmental impact of shredding. And one of the most common questions asked is, “is shredded paper recyclable?”. The answer is, yes. At Mobile Record Shredders we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. The waste produced by shredding services is recycled and helps prevent deforestation.

Paper, in even the recycled form is very valuable. The process of recycling paper includes down-cycling paper fibers into mixed grade paper. Copy paper, tissue paper, or toilet paper are just a few forms of paper that shredded paper turns into after recycled.

In addition to recycling the paper we shred, we also recycle electronics with our partner Blue Star Recycling. For more information on that partnership, click here.

Shredding Myths: A five post myth buster – Myth #5

And last but not least, myth number five. Always know that your documents are not safe unless you shred, but you do not need to shred yourself to be safe.

Myth #5:
Businesses must shred their own records to remain compliant with the law.
As we previously stated, it’s important for businesses to stay compliant with the law and destroy confidential documents, however it is not a requirement that the destruction be witnessed by an employee. Once your company has contracted a reputable shredding company, especially if it’s NAID certified like Mobile Record Shredders, it’s important to get a certificate of destruction from your shredding company. This document is proof of shredding and allows you to shred onsite or offsite.

Knowing the facts about shredding will not only simplify things at your business, it will also help protect you and your business.

Myth number five concludes our five party myth busting shred series. Although there are many more myths about shredding, it’s imperative that you keep yourself and your company safe by shredding any important documents no longer in use. For more information about our services, or shredding in general, feel free to chat with one of our live representatives about your shredding


The Shredding Process

Nothing will be left readable after our shredders get ahold of your documents.

We pride ourselves on our highly professional, reliable, and confidential document destruction services.  Whether you are a one-time customer or have a regularly scheduled service at your business, our service is mobile allowing for convenience wherever you need it.

Our shredding process is highly secure. All materials are destroyed on-site and not handled by company representatives. Documents are dumped into a secure destruction container, and then placed directly into the shredder for destruction. Scheduled service accounts have on-site locked containers with regularly scheduled pick up times.

Our state-of-the-art shredding equipment makes it nearly impossible to reassemble and out of the way of harms way. Our trucks are highly efficient and get the job done quickly allowing customers to return to their routine with minimal interruption.

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How do you choose the shredding service right for you?

As a business, or even just for personal use, shredding is extremely important to keeping your identity or customer’s identities safe. You can choose to shred at home, but to ensure your documents are safe, hiring a shredding service is always recommended.

What to look for when hiring a shredding service:


Security is number one in the fight against identity theft. No one should ever see the documents you are disposing of, even the service you are using to shred. Each box should be locked and the handling of documents should be non-existent before shredding. Do not accept anything less when hiring a shredding service.

At Mobile Record Shredders, we are NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certified, which ensures that document and other private information is completely secure and not handled prior to being destroyed. This certification mandates that we follow governmental regulations and keep all documents secure.

Other Things to Think About

Price is always a factor, but do not substitute cost for security. It’s important to get quotes, but make sure your service is NAID certified to keep you safe. Make sure to get quotes on the frequency of shredding and the approximate amount of pounds your documents weigh. This will help you chose the right service for you.

Customer Support

You want to choose a company that is reliable and has a great customer support team to answer all of your document destruction questions. At Mobile Record Shredders, we not only have an amazing staff to help you with your needs, but we also offer live chat on our website, so you can speak with someone as you review the site and ask questions.

Call us today, we would love to give you an estimate and help you with your document destruction needs.