Tax Time Shredding

Tax time is often a time when identity thieves are preying. Your tax returns, new and old, have confidential information on them that could be used against you by identity thieves. Make sure to keep your documents safe and out of harm's way.

Identity thieves are lurking and only need your Social Security number and birth date to file a tax return in your name. With these key pieces of information, they can falsify additional information requested on the return and wrongly receive money that belongs to you. The IRS does not check the validity of each tax request and because of this, your tax return money could easily be on its way to an identity thief pretending to be you.

Follow the key tips below to help keep you and your tax documents safe, this tax season.

  • Get your taxes in early! File early to stay ahead of identity thieves

  • Organize your financial records to help prepare to file your tax returns and keep track of what information you have (or what could be lost or stolen)

  • Properly dispose of old records and tax documents

  • Keep confidential information confidential

  • File your returns with care and if possible electronically on your personal computer, rather than a public computer

Let Mobile Record Shredders keep your documents safe this tax season. Contact us for more information.

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