That Fax Machine You Never Use Could Be a Massive Cybersecurity Risk. Here's How.

That fax machine that you never really use or don't even know how to use? Turns out, hackers could have access to every file in your system with it.

Check Point Research used only a phone line and a fax machine and was able to gain access to every computer connected to a Hewlett Packard all-in-one printer. Malicious code was faxed disguised as an image file to the printer, which then stored the file, allowing researchers access to the entire network.

All-in-one printers are in numerous offices with a fax function, but the technology is used on rare occasions. Check Point research was able to expose this vulnerability: that no one was checking incoming faxes, therefore no one caught the malicious file.

Cybersecurity is an urgent matter at many levels - from the U.S. election system to that email password you haven't changed for years.

The majority of efforts to keep information safe focus on parts of the network where the most sensitive data is kept. Ignoring low tech, low sensitivity areas like all-in-one printers effectively leaves open a back door through which hackers can gain access to the same information, sometimes with less hassle.

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