This Valentine's Day Do 1 Of These 10 Free Things For Your Loved One


On Valentine's Day, there is so much pressure out there to find the perfect gift for your spouse. It's great to get a fancy new present, but this year, take the inexpensive way out and not just because you want to save money.

"Don't get caught up in peer pressure or commercialism associated with Valentine's Day. Instead, think of it as a time to honor your love partner, and to let this person know you value, respect, and admire him or her," says psychotherapist Jude Bijou.

And while some of the ideas below may require a few dollars here and there, you'll still be saving money in the long run.

Here are 10 free things you can do on V-Day and how to make the best of them:

  1. Try singing Karaoke together
  • DO: Romantic sing-a-longs and upbeat duets together.  DON'T: Choose artists or songs that you know your partner does not like. 

2. Volunteer together 

  • DO: Pass out food to the homeless, make care packages or head to your local soup kitchen. DON'T: Wait until the last minute to plan this — some places require advance notice.

3. Put on some music and dance together in your living room 

  • DO: Turn on some Dirty Dancing music DON'T: Step on your loved one's feet

4. Make Some Drinks Together 

  • DO: Try out new cocktails from what you already have DON'T: Go overboard and get too tipsy 

5. Watch a good movie/tv show 

  • DO: Pick out three to four of your spouse's favorite tv shows or rent a movie they have been wanting to see. DON'T: Spend the whole day watching tv that you do nothing else.

6. Text Love Notes 

  • DO: Send your loved one a lovey-dovey text while they are at work.  DON'T: Send it to the wrong person by accident. 

7. Try cooking something Different in the Kitchen Together 

  • DO: Find your recipe in a cookbook or online so you know what it should look like. DON'T: Put your expectations so high that if it doesn't turn out right, you are disappointed. We suggest pizza as a backup. 

8. Jump In The Tube Together 

  • DO: Turn down the lights, place candles in the bathroom and have lots of bubbles. DON'T: Make your partner fit in the tub if it's too small, just take a shower instead. 

9. Plane a Scavenger Hunt at Home 

  • DO: Include personal memories and/or small gifts. DON'T: Make it so hard that your partner gets fed up.

10. Give each other A Foot Massage 

  • DO: Put massage oil on feet. DON'T: Forget to wash your feet before doing this. 
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