What Are The Main Types Of Document Shredding?

Document shredding services are pivotal for businesses wanting to get rid of documents private and sensitive in nature. These documents have the potential to identity theft or any other harm to the business; financial or social. This is why investing in document shredding services is worth the cost as it keeps you shielded from many undesirable consequences which you are certainly not ready to undergo.

There are two main types of document shredding provided by Mobile Record Shredders (MRS); on-site and off-site. The type of shredding service that the business opts for depends on its shredding needs or shredding schedule of the particular business. We provide services to both regular customers and those who want to get their documents shred after a specific time period.

On-site shredding service: This type of paper shredding is quite popular among businesses. It is very commonly opted for because of the high level of satisfaction that it endows clients with. It makes use of a mobile shredder truck which comes to your doorstep to shred your important documents. The on-site service trucks are equipped with cameras and monitors for complete customer satisfaction. The reason for its popularity is mainly because of its convenience and reliability.

Off-site shredding service: This type of service is going to be a little less costly for your business as compared to on-site shredding service. The way your documents are shredded is not going to be any different except that you will not be able to witness your documents being shredded. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about its reliability.

Above are the types of shredding services provided by MRS. Just like any other business, your business must be having some sensitive information which you would never want to get revealed, especially to those who would do “hanky-panky” with it. This could be anyone; even your disgruntled employees. So for maximum protection, make document shredding a must-do chore for the welfare and security of your business!

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