What Companies Should Look For When Hiring a Shredding Service

Companies often will not hire a document destruction service because of price or security, but at Mobile Record Shredders we are National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified, which means we are serious about what we do. We follow standards and procedures outlined by NAID to continue our certification and make sure your document destruction needs are in compliance with not only national document destruction laws, but also NAID standards.

When looking for a shredding service, you will want to look for a service that is NAID certified, but you will also want to consider the following:

1. Expertise in Compliance
It is important that the mobile shredding company that you hire is the expert in legislative policies and compliance requirements needed by your business. Through our compliance expertise, at Mobile Record Shredders, we can offer you shredding solutions that will keep you amenable with the existing legislation. We are knowledgeable of all restrictions and legislature involving document destruction or paper shredding.

2. Recycling
Make sure to hire a mobile shredding company that understands and recognizes the importance of recycling and the impact that shredding has on the environment. By hiring an environmentally friendly shredding company that advocates recycling, not only helps to save the environment, but it is also good corporate responsibility on the part of your company. At Mobile Record Shredders, we recycle 100% of the documents that are destroyed. Let us take your document destruction needs and turn them into an environmentally friendly experience.

3. Security
The company you hire should be contracted for its compliance and security. They should have a deep understanding in security measures particularly because document destruction is a protected process. At Mobile Record Shredders, not only does our NAID certification ensure we are as secure as possible, we also shred on the spot to ensure there is no opportunity for confidential information to go elsewhere. Confidentiality is our top priority.

Whether you are on the verge of hiring a mobile record shredding service, or you are looking into more information on Mobile Record Shredders, know that we are the top of the line. We are secure, knowledgeable and NAID certified. Learn more  about the benefits of Mobile Record Shredders and how we can help your business with recycling and your document destruction.

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