Who should you choose in the shedding industry?

When evaluating different shredding providers, you might be asking all of the right questions about their shredding procedures. Your confidential documents are fully intact, and therefore, pose a great risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly with the wrong shredding partner.

When looking at a shredding partner, consider the following:

Easy disposal: Look for document shredding providers that don’t require any sorting of materials or the removal of paper clips, staples, etc. prior to shredding. Many consoles are built with wide feed slots to accommodate larger volumes or paper or even bound materials. Making the disposal of such documents as quick and simple as possible helps ensure employee adherence.
On site shredding: Consider a company that will come to you and shred on site and come to you to dispose of your confidential documents. This way you can see them shred while you are there.
Certificate of Destruction: They should also provide a certificate of destruction once your documents are disposed of.
Just as important as the console’s construction are the collection and destruction processes. First, ensure your potential document shredding provider offers regularly scheduled pick-ups. If the pick-ups occur too infrequently and the shredding consoles become filled to capacity, employees may be tempted to dispose of confidential documents in the garbage or recycling bins. Also, if your business cycle has times when you see a spike in confidential document creation, determine whether you can schedule pick-ups with short notice or one-time services.

Thinking about the entire document lifecycle, as opposed to simply destroying the document, can uncover additional security concerns and potential risks. That’s why finding a reputable and high-quality document destruction provider to walk you through the process is a smart idea for your business today and its future tomorrow.

At Mobile Record Shredders we take all of these things into account to ensure your documents are disposed of safely and securely. Contact us today to see if we are the document destruction company for you.

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