Why Your Business Should Outsource Their Document Shredding

It is not just about what we say or believe businesses should do. Over the past few years, statistics have depicted an increasing trend in the identification thefts and this primarily stems from the ignorance to disposal of files and documents. Since the number of victims of identification thefts kept on increasing, a lot of businesses moved towards becoming more socially responsible for both their internal and external stakeholders. For that matter, companies like Mobile Record Shredders (MRS) have been established to safely destroy your private data, reducing the likelihood of any sort of theft.

As experienced business individuals, you know exactly what you are supposed to shred. Any document vulnerable to exploitation must immediately be shredded rather than just thrown in the trash. The question here is, that, why do you need to outsource the shredding procedure?

This is because this process is not that simple after all.

According to you, you have successfully disposed your data but when you implement the “do-it-yourself” strategy in this case, your data can still be accessed by anyone because it has not been disposed into a proper warehouse. In case of a document shredding company, we safely transport all your material from site to our warehouse where it is stored and destroyed according to industry standards.

Moreover, we shred your data right in front of you through cameras and monitors! Our on-site service will allow you to watch which documents are being shredded and how from clear and readable text, they will turn into something beyond human comprehension. We also provide an off-site service through which your data will brought to our location and then shredded. The process is the same; however, the only difference is that you will not be able to view the process in the latter case. Despite the difference, both methods are equally cost effective and reliable.

Outsourcing document shredding for any business simply means that your data will be shredded more safely and responsibly. This only holds true if the document shredding company has been awarded with a “certificate of destruction.” MRS is an AAA NAID certified document shredding company which is the biggest testament to its expertise in the field. Moreover, it provides services to both commercial and residential customers. So do not risk your venture and let the experts do the job!


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