Woman speaks out after private information was exposed in public dumpster

We're continuing to follow a woman's startling discovery when she was taking out the trash.

Hundreds of confidential documents including names, addresses and social security numbers were on top of a public dumpster.

We found a case file belonging to Yolanda O'Campo.

Below her name is her address, phone number, and social security number.

Everything a thief needs to steal her identity.

"Medical information and everything," O'Campo said.

Using her personal information, we tracked Yolanda down, called her on her cell phone.

We told her and her husband, David, where we found her personal information.

"Why did they do this to us," David said.

"You got this information, how do we know...how do we know someone else didn't pick it up and take it," Yolanda said.

The file is apart of a medical malpractice lawsuit Yolanda went through nearly ten years ago.

"This shouldn't have gotten throw away like that," David said. "With the amount, she (the lawyer) got paid, this could have been destroyed a better way."

While we're unsure exactly when and who dumped the hundreds of case files into this public dumpster.

It's highly likely, the people exposed would be upset to find out, like she is.

"How irresponsible of them," Yolanda said.

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