Would you want to be notified of a data breach?

Survey results are in, according to MarketWatch 84% of people want to be notified immediately of a data breach.

A study by ZixCorp focusing on American consumers’ views on data breaches conducted with more than 500 individuals between the ages of 18-75 surveyed, revealed how Americans view data breaches.

“As a whole, the results show that Americans have strong feelings about data breach notification, with 84 percent of those surveyed stating that the best way a company can regain their trust after a breach occurs is to notify them right away and provide a high level of contact. Additionally, 92 percent of respondents think a company should be required to report a data breach to their entire customer base, regardless of breach size.
While the majority of respondents agree on notification, they are divided on what steps should be taken to protect themselves and placing trust in retailers. Specifically, 49 percent of respondents said they have not changed their shopping habits in light of the massive retail breaches over the past two years, and 60 percent trust retailers to protect their credit and debit card information.”

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